Wireless Charging Woes: Apple iPhone 15’s NFC Issues in BMW and Toyota Cars!

Wireless Charging Woes: Apple iPhone 15’s NFC Issues in BMW and Toyota Cars!


The launch of the Apple iPhone 15 series brought excitement and anticipation for many tech enthusiasts. However, some car owners in the US, particularly those with BMW and Toyota Supra models, have encountered a peculiar problem when attempting to wirelessly charge their iPhone 15. This issue temporarily deactivates the Near-Field Communications (NFC) capabilities of the iPhone 15, causing frustration among users.

The NFC Dilemma

Owners of BMW and Toyota Supra models have reported a significant inconvenience. When attempting to wirelessly charge their iPhone 15, it results in the temporary deactivation of the iPhone‘s NFC capabilities. This has led to users experiencing a baffling “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay” error message, even if they have previously set up Apple Pay on their devices.

Wireless Charging Woes: Apple iPhone 15's NFC Issues in BMW and Toyota Cars!
Wireless Charging Woes: Apple iPhone 15’s NFC Issues in BMW and Toyota Cars!

iOS 17.1 Update: No Solution

Apple swiftly responded to these concerns by releasing the iOS 17.1 update, aiming to address the NFC issue. However, much to the dismay of affected users, this update failed to resolve the problem. The frustration continued to mount as a solution remained elusive.

The Awaited Fix

Despite the initial setback, Apple users need not fret for long. The company has acknowledged the problem and is diligently working on a solution. Apple has released a service bulletin through its authorized service provider network, offering a ray of hope for affected iPhone 15 owners.

Culprit Chargers

Apple has connected the NFC problem to a “small number” of wireless chargers that come with specific BMW and Toyota Supra vehicles. These chargers seem to be the root cause of the NFC deactivation issue. Consequently, Apple’s focus is on addressing this specific hardware concern.

Apple’s Remedial Measures

To tackle the issue, Apple is equipping its technicians with the tools required to restart the NFC chip in affected iPhone 15 devices. This procedure is performed using a software tool that is part of the Apple Service Toolkit 2. The company is actively working to ensure a swift and effective solution for all those who have been inconvenienced.


The iPhone 15’s NFC problems during wireless charging have caused some inconvenience to BMW and Toyota Supra owners. However, with Apple’s commitment to resolving the issue and its acknowledgment of the problem through its authorized service providers, a solution is on the horizon. As the tech giant continues to work on a fix, affected users can look forward to a future update that will restore the seamless functionality of their iPhones and make their in-car experiences more enjoyable.